About us

Our philosophy

Our objective: Products that deliver superior performance, efficiency and reliability.

The path: In-house research, development and production combined with complete control of all production process and a tightly woven distribution network. Apart from guaranteeing continuous innovation, consistently high quality, on-time delivery, these factors lay the foundation for competent customer consultations.

This is what everything from one source is all about: everything under one roof from development and manufacturing to consulting to logistics and after-sales service.

Our history:
From a local glue manufacturer to a family-owned business that operates world-wide

1893 – 1950

  • The company is established by Johannes Friedrich Klingspor
  • Klingspor develops and brings to market Europe's first waterproof abrasive paper

1950 – 1996

  • Invention of the high-speed cutting blade and the abrasive mop disc
  • Founding of the first subsidiary outside of Europe: Klingspor Abrasives, Inc., USA

1996 – 2012

  • Opening of the first international production location in Bielsko-Biała, Poland
  • Expansion of the international distribution network


  • More than two million satisfied users generate annual sales of 250 million Euro.