A safe way to the future

Every year we take on up to twelve apprentices at our company headquarters in Haiger. Trainees undergo a dual education system which affords them both theoretical and practical training at the company and in vocational school. Klingspor trainees receive in-house craft training and are introduced to all departments of the company that are relevant to their field of work as part of their vocational preparation. By offering young people this type of comprehensive job training, excellent chances of being hired following completion of their training as well as flexible working hours Klingspor is laying the foundation for an auspicious start in the professional world.

  • Industrial sales representative
  • Warehouse logistics technician m/f
  • Inventory management specialist m/f
  • Chemical laboratory assistant m/f
  • Electronics engineer specialised in technical equipment and installation m/f
  • Mechatronic technician m/f
  • Industrial mechanic specialised in technical equipment and installation m/f
  • Machine and plant operator m/f

Place of employment: Haiger

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