Carbide burrs

New high performance tooth geometries for steel and INOX processing

Perfectly adapted to the respective group of processed material, the newly engineered blade geometries 10 (steel) and 11 (INOX) allow for a significantly higher stock removal rate when compared to the cross-cut toothing typically found on ordinary burrs.

The advantages at a glance:
‣ higher level of aggressiveness and cutting performance
‣ improved chip removal
‣ markedly enhanced service life thanks to reduced built-up edge formation
‣ less thermal stress on tool and workpiece
‣ decrease in annealing colours during INOX applications


The cuts at a glance


2 Cuts   Standard cut / plain cut with good finishing properties for universal applications  
3 Cuts aluminium   High stock removal rate and reduced clogging of teeth for working on long-chipping and so$ materials like NF metals and plastics
6 Cuts mega seller   Double cut for universal applications, improved handling and low vibration. Creates a small chip.
10 cuts high performance
tooth geometry - steel 
  Toothing optimised for steel processing; significantly higher stock removal rate compared to a standard cross-cut tooth geometry  
11 cuts high performance
tooth geometry - INOX
  Toothing optimised for the processing of austenitic as well as corrosion and acid-resistant grades of stainless steel; strikingly improved stock removal performance by contrast with standard cross-cut tooth geometries  
Additional cuts available on request!  

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