Occupational health and safety

The aspect of occupational health and safety is front and centre during the use of abrasives and abrasive tools. After all, these tools can reach rotational speeds of up to 300 km/h!

Made by Klingspor means quality and safety - and has done for more than a hundred and twenty-five years. Our painstaking research and development efforts are the cornerstone for the superior level of safety we guarantee for each and every one of our products.

Our products are tailored specifically to the demanding technical challenges our customers have to overcome and are in conformity with the strict regulations and inspection requirements mandated by the leading organisations and trade associations in the abrasives industry. Click here to read about Klingspor's current memberships.

Safety recommendations

Using abrasive tools inappropriately is extremely dangerous!

  • Always adhere to the instructions given on the abrasive tool and on the grinder.
  • Make sure that your abrasive is properly suited for the application for which you want to use it.

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