News from the World of Klingspor

Nov 21, 2019

Never losing its cool

The use of multibond abrasives on stainless steel keeps the material significantly cooler, making the grinding process more efficient. An additional layer keeps annealing colours from forming and enhances surfaces quality. ... Read more
Nov 11, 2019

Grinding with a difference

Klingspor grinding products are also used where they are least expected. The company Börde Vita in Saxony-Anhalt uses them to peel potatoes – in a carborundum process. ... Read more
Nov 11, 2019

How to get rid of a lacquer

The PS 73 BWK is a proven grinding product for dealing with lacquered surfaces. Its secret is the special coating that prevents the spaces between the grains from becoming clogged. ... Read more
Nov 06, 2019

Thick or thin?

When selecting cutting-off wheels, making a decision often isn’t that easy. In addition to many obvious factors, such as the machine or area of application, various preferences also play a role. So what does actually matter? ... Read more
Oct 23, 2019

Klingspor in the Congo

Salire Masuk, from the Congo, brings new life to discarded Kronenflex cutting-off wheels. High quality from Klingspor pays off double. ... Read more
Oct 16, 2019

Clean and efficient

Klingspor sets industry-wide standards in terms of energy efficiency and environmentally friendly production. In its production facilities for abrasives in Haiger, the company has installed a regenerative thermal post-combustion plant (RTNV). ... Read more
Oct 08, 2019

Smoothing the seams

Anyone who has to process weld seams with an angle grinder has a choice of three types of grinding disc. The grinding disc, fibre disc and abrasive mop disc differ in more than just their physical characteristics. We asked two users which criteria matter to them when choosing their tool. ... Read more
Sep 30, 2019

The secret of the grain

Fast and precise processing with significantly less noise. The DT 900 US Special diamond cutting-off wheel from Klingspor makes this possible thanks to its special technology. ... Read more
Sep 26, 2019

Grinding tips for professionals - Part 3

Every fibre disc requires a suitable backing pad. It ensures stability, optimum distribution of force, and safety when working. If the pad is worn, the performance of the grinding discs suffers – and it’s high time they were replaced. ... Read more
Sep 21, 2019

The specialist unit R-Flex

Whether it be in the home or in industry - elastic abrasives in the R-Flex series from Klingspor are ideal for the fine grinding of various types of metal surfaces. ... Read more
Sep 14, 2019

Grinding tips for professionals - Part 2

Remove material and create a polished finish at the same time? You can attain just that if you opt for Klingspor's SMT 850 plus Special abrasive mop disc - better still, all in one single work step. The trick: a highly unique combination of flaps. ... Read more
Sep 12, 2019

Grinding tips for professionals - Part 4

Speed is everything when it comes to processing stainless steel weld seams. Thanks to its aggressive grain and multibond, the SMT 636 Supra impresses with a fast, cool grind. ... Read more
Sep 07, 2019

Klingpsor and the NFL

Whether used on paint, varnish, wood or metal: The abrasive mop wheels MM 650 and MM 630 by Klingspor bring out the best in every workpiece. Better yet, they do so in way that is exceedingly gentle to the surfaces. Even the National Football League (NFL) took notice of their exceptional capabilities. ... Read more
Sep 01, 2019

Grinding tips for professionals - Part 1

The WSM 617 abrasive mop wheel from Klingspor is a true all-rounder that can be used on all angle grinders – without an additional adaptor or tool! ... Read more
Jul 01, 2019

Klingspor AG expanding board of executives

The supervisory board at Klingspor AG has decided to add another member to the company’s board of executives. Starting with the second half of 2019, the exec-utive board at Klingspor AG will be chaired by two people. CEO Dr. Steffen Neu welcomes the expansion and the added support for the management board. ... Read more
Feb 09, 2018

Klingspor - 125 year Anniversary in 2018

Klingspor - 125 year Anniversary in 2018 ... Read more
Feb 06, 2018

Bjarne - 60th birthday and 32 year anniversary

Bjarne - 60th birthday and 32 year anniversary ... Read more
Jan 16, 2018

Price list 2018

... Read more
Jan 31, 2017

Executive Hire Show

... Read more
Jul 21, 2016

European manufacturer of premium diamond cutting blades

Klingspor is entering the diamond cutting blade market by investing in a state-of-the-art production facility for its Ukrainian factory. ... Read more
Apr 11, 2016

Easy on the battery, but not on the workpiece

The new battery program by Klingspor ... Read more
Nov 30, 2015

From dealer to manufacturer

Klingspor launches line of in-house diamond products. ... Read more
Oct 16, 2014

More than 400 participants per year

KLINGSPOR imparts expert knowledge to customers and employees at its training centre. ... Read more
Sep 30, 2014

Everything from one source

KLINGSPOR is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of high-quality coated abrasives, cutting-off wheels and grinding discs. ... Read more
Sep 09, 2014

Old address. New design. More content.

Klingspor relaunches their corporate website and introduces a host of new features ... Read more
Aug 12, 2013

KLINGSPOR abrasive paper belt PS 28 F

The new quality abrasive belt for grinding the surface of solid wood and wood materials ... Read more
Dec 30, 1969

The specialist unit R-Flex

Whether it be in the home or in industry - elastic abrasives in the R-Flex series from Klingspor are ideal for the fine grinding of various types of metal surfaces. ... Read more