Bjarne - 60th birthday and 32 year anniversary

Feb 06, 2018

Bjarne - 60th birthday and 32 year anniversary

Bjarne T. Østergaard started on 01.06.1986, and he knew absolutely nothing about abrasives or the industry.

Bjarne was responsible for the district of Northern Jutland, which went on a line from Arhus to Ringkobing and up to Skagen in the north, and in order to serve the customers in his new district, he inherited a used VW Passat, where the ashtray was overcrowded with cigarettes

In the beginning, Bjarne worked closely with some of the people from Haiger in Germany, where Klingspor GMBH is located. It was among others Mr Krieger and Mr Runtzheimer and later also Mr Lothar Weber. There were also Olaf Klaas and Arndt Hoffmann, who have been with as long as Bjarne, and they are also still active at the headquarters in Haiger.

If there's something Bjarne recalls, it's the launch of Klingspor SMT Abrasive Mop discs. When they came to the market, they were not sold for under DKK 70. Today they cost approx. DKK 10 and even in a continuously developed form and thus significantly improved.

Bjarne reminded some of his great successes over the many years. Eg. conquest of attractive customers: Bodilsen Limtræ, Aalborg Boatyard (later Aalborg Boilers), Stelton, Intra Juvel and others.

There is only one single colleague in Klingspor A / S who has been employed longer than Bjarne. There have been many in and out the door, and Bjarne has always been perceived as the kind and helpful colleague of whom anyone can ask for advice and help. The whole team at Klingspor A / S hopes to have Bjarne as a colleague for many years yet.

Bjarne has been celebrated by colleagues from Denmark, Sweden and Finland at a larger teamwork event in Kolding, where everyone jointly created an outstanding 3 course barbecue menu.