Klingspor - 125 year Anniversary in 2018

Feb 09, 2018

Klingspor - 125 year Anniversary in 2018

In 1893, Johannes Friedrich Klingspor founded the family business with the production of glue in the German city of Haiger. 6 years later, the company went into the manufacture of abrasives, and it is within this area that Klingspor has developed its business basis and scope to what we are today:

An international company responsible for technological achievements in surface treatment and molding with abrasives on substrates and cutting and scrubbing discs.

Klingspor has 36 subsidiaries spread across all continents, and together we employ 3,000 employees. The headquarters in Haiger employs only about 600th

Klingspor has established over the years 4 production sites in Europe and the East, which produce daily:

• 110,000 grinding discs
• 350,000 cutting and scrubbing discs
• 100,000 m2 abrasive on cloth or paper

The headquarters in Haiger has its own research and development center, international education center and a modern high-tech high-rise store with space for 13,000 pallets and 40,000 small items.

In 2015 Klingspor expanded its activities with a new factory that exclusively manufactures diamond products (diamond cutting discs and diamond grinding wheels).

Klingspor is a member and co-founder of the OSA - Organization for the Safety of Abrasives, a voluntary association for abrasives and tools manufacturers. In addition, members commit themselves to focus on quality, safety, environment, control and traceability.

Klingspor is also quality certified / ISO 9001, environmental certified / ISO 14001, and certified according to ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard.

Klingspor celebrates the 125th anniversary with events in subsidiaries around the world over the 2018 anniversary year. In Denmark we started with balloons and cake in January. Watch the video above.