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Abrasive mop discs
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Not invented until 1972, yet seemingly around forever

At the time of its inception, the Klingspor abrasive mop disc was deemed revolutionary and has to this day remained an indispensable tool for challenging sanding jobs around the globe. Since its initial launch, it has managed to successfully replace the abrasive disc in various branches of surface treatment.

Abrasive mop discs in a wide variety of versions

Also referred to as SMT or flap disc, the abrasive mop disc delivers an abrasive performance that is several times higher than that of other tools thanks to the fan-shaped radial arrangement of its abrasive cloth flaps.

Klingspor offers the abrasive mop disc in many different versions: flat or convex and with a glass fibre or plastic backing plate. The convex backing plates grind with a smaller contact area and can deliver a higher stock removal rate as they allow for point-by-point operation. This makes convex abrasive mop discs the perfect choice for work on edges and weld removal. Users opt for the flat versions whenever they need a flap disc that is ideal for flat and surface grinding.

The abrasive mop disc delivers a performance that stands head and shoulders above other tools thanks to the fan-shaped radial arrangement of its abrasive cloth flaps. Klingspor’s abrasive mop discs are equipped with cloth flaps that are coated with zirconia alumina, ceramic or aluminium oxide and spaced equally on backing plates that are made of fibre-reinforced plastic or glass cloth. The arrangement of the flaps provides for consistently high abrasive performance and work with minimum vibrations.