SMT 926 Special Abrasive mop discs for Stainless steel, Steel

Class Special
Grain Zirconia alumina
Backing plate Glass fibre
Design Convex 6º
Service life
Stainless steel
Locksmith's shop
Oil and gas industry
Steel construction

SMT 926 Special - abrasive mop disc for stainless steel and steel

The SMT 926 Special distinguishes itself with its ultra-high performance and its suitability for use on such materials as

  • stainless steel and
  • steel.

Designed to deliver the longest possible service life, this abrasive mop disc delivers a remarkably high level of aggressiveness. Its phenomenal aggressiveness makes this product ideal for demanding jobs and grinding tasks that need to be completed in exceptionally short time. These dependable backing plates are held in high regard by professional users and keen hobbyists alike.

Ultimate abrasive performance in practical use

Users unwilling to compromise during edge grinding applications put their trust in the abrasive mop disc SMT 926 Special. This product owes its high removal rate to its glass fibre backing plate and its zirconia alumina grain. This is ideal for aggressive grinding of steel and stainless steel. The best removal rates can be achieved on powerful angle grinders with increased contact pressure This abrasive mop disc is available in a wide selection of grit sizes and diameters. The permissible speed varies depending on the diameter used and ranges between 8,500 and 13,300 revolutions per minute.

Abrasive mop discs of the Special product line

Klingspor engineered the abrasive mop discs in the Special series for high performance use in trade and industry. The focus is on best performance and a long service life even under intensive use. Manufactured to all applicable standards, the abrasive mop discs are guaranteed to deliver maximum safety. The products bear the oSa safety seal. The only difference between the abrasive mop discs of the Special series lies in their design. The product presented here is a convex shape. This design allows the user to grind with a smaller contact area. The resulting smaller contact area makes it possible to achieve higher stock removal per unit of time. This proves beneficial during work on edges and weld seams. Klingspor also carries flat versions that are best suited for flat and surface grinding.

All prices exclude statutory value-added tax and are applicable to commercial customers only.