SMT 996 Special Abrasive mop discs for Stainless steel

Class Special
Grain Ceramic aluminium oxide multibond
Backing plate Glass fibre
Design Convex 6°, flat
Service life
Stainless steel
Plant engineering
Railing construction
Stainless steel processing industry

High aggression – Klingspor SMT 996 Special abrasive mop disc

Klingspor set new standards in abrasive technology with their invention of the abrasive mop disc. The way in which the abrasive flaps are arranged on a flap disc provides for both a high removal rate and a perfect finish. Klingspor developed the abrasive mop disc SMT 996 Special specifically for the following applications on stainless steel:

  • Deburring,
  • Chamfering,
  • Stock removal grinding.

Long-lasting professional abrasive disc with zirconia alumina grain for stainless steel

The Klingspor flap disc SMT 996 Special is composed of sturdy flaps that are coated with ceramic aluminium oxide and come in a variety of grit sizes. Ceramic aluminium oxide is an excellent choice for such hard materials as steel and stainless steel. However, the SMT 996 Special has been designed primarily for use on stainless steel. This is the material on which it delivers the best results. The abrasive discs of the Special product line are geared towards professional craftsmen who require tools that offer maximum longevity and performance.

Flap discs for a uniform scratch pattern and work without tiring

The shape of the flaps on the SMT 996 Special flap disc offers two unique advantages: The load exerted on the abrasive tool is distributed evenly, providing for consistent grinding results even after extended periods of use. This holds true even under heavy-duty use. Better still, the arrangement of the flaps also lets the user work without fatiguing. Grinding with an abrasive mop disc is noticeably smoother. Finishing is a breeze as well by virtue of the flap disc’s unique properties.

Long service life and a robust tool thanks to multibond

The Klingspor SMT 996 Special abrasive mop disc is used in combination with high powered angle grinders. The backing plate of all abrasive discs that are part of the SMT product selection are composed of glass fibre-reinforced . This material gives them durability, resilience and maximum safety. Klingspor uses synthetic resin and a multibond to fix the abrasive grains in place, thus ensuring an exceptionally long service life. This additional coat applied to the abrasive ensures that the products will deliver cool grinding performance even under heavy load. What is more, the multibond guarantees a long useful life during professional use and reduces heat being generated in to the workpiece

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