KL 361 JF Sheets with cloth backing for Steel, Metals, NF metals, Wood, Stainless steel

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Coating Close
Backing JF-cotton
NF metals
Stainless steel
Metal construction
Wood processing industry

Universal – the Klingspor abrasive sheets KL 361 JF

The abrasive sheets KL 361 JF by Klingspor are an incredibly versatile abrasive that produces excellent results on

  • steel,
  • NF metal,
  • stainless steel and
  • wood

during sanding applications carried out by hand. Exceptionally flexible, this abrasive always produces impeccable results - no matter for which sanding application it is used.

Extremely flexible – the flexible cloth backing made of cotton

The backing Klingspor uses for the abrasive sheets KL 361 JF is made of JF cotton. Its exceptional flexibility allows the product to perfectly contour to each workpiece. This ability allows this universal abrasive to achieve perfect results on curved surfaces and profiles. A cloth backing made of cotton is substantially more robust and tear-resistant than a paper backing. This extra sturdiness ensures that it will even stand up to more strenuous workloads such as profile sanding or heavy sanding applications. Nonetheless, it is also significantly lighter than other backings such as polyester cloth backings. Another advantage of JF cotton lies in the fact that the material can be torn off at the required size in a clean and effortless manner.

For a surface with a perfectly sanded finish – closely coated aluminium oxide

The abrasive grain Klingspor has selected for this product is the hard and tough aluminium oxide. Just as all other types of grains Klingspor uses for their abrasives, this abrasive grain is made synthetically. This ensures that the product will always produce results of flawless quality. The aluminium oxide used for the abrasive sheets KL 361 JF is applied with a close coating. Covering nearly the entire surface, this coating makes the product ideal for high stock removal rates. The abrasive grain is bonded with synthetic resin, and its even application is monitored with the help of laser technology. The use of this technology ensures that the top coat has the same thickness across the entire surface. The singular properties of the KL 361 JF by Klingspor allow for perfect sanding on wood and metals. These abrasive sheets come with various fine, medium, and coarse grit ranges.

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