PS 33 BK Strips with paper backing, self-fastening for Paint, Varnish, Filling compound, Wood

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Coating Semi-open
Backing B-paper
Filling compound
Aircraft construction
Automotive industry
Craftsman companies
Wind energy industry
Wood processing industry

Highly versatile – the abrasive strips PS 33 BK by Klingspor

With their abrasive strips PS 33 BK Klingspor is offering an abrasive with exceptional performance across a wide range of applications. Furnished with a hook and loop backing, the strips can be used for processing:

  • wood and paint,
  • varnish,
  • and
  • filler.

Available in both medium and fine grit sizes, the abrasive strips are primarily used for fine sanding applications. The selection comprises a large number of lengths and widths as well as models with and without suction holes. The models with holes are available with the hole patterns GL 15, GL 17, and GL 18.

PS 33 BK – aluminium oxide on a paper backing (B-paper)

The abrasive strips PS 33 BK by Klingspor are equipped with a paper backing (B-paper), which possesses a lower mass per unit area than other paper backings. Applied to this backing with a semi-open coating is the abrasive grain. It is made of aluminium oxide, which is manufactured synthetically - just like all other abrasive grains Klingspor uses for their abrasives. This choice of material allows all Klingspor abrasives to retain their exceptional properties and deliver the same consistent quality. A semi-open coating provides for the reliable discharge of abrasive dust and other types of debris. This coating also ensures that up to 80 per cent of the backing are covered with abrasive grain. This coverage leaves enough spaces between the grains to allow the debris produced by sanding wood and paint, filler, and varnish to be removed effectively.

For excellent grit adhesion – the top size coatings made of synthetic resin

The Klingspor abrasive strips PS 33 BK have a hook and loop coating, which makes them the ideal complement to orbital sanders and similar machines with hook and loop backing pads. They can be attached and, if necessary, changed with perfect ease. Excellent grit adhesion is guaranteed by the top size coat made of synthetic resin. Also referred to as the size coat, the top binding serves the purpose of anchoring the aluminium oxide firmly to the base coat. Just as with their abrasive grains, Klingspor also relies on a synthetically made product for their top size coat as this product always retains its properties. To ensure the size coat has the same thickness throughout the surface of the abrasive, the surface thickness is constantly monitored by laser measurements. Quality is further enhanced by performing spot weight measurements on samples.

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