FP 73 W Belts with film backing for Paint, Varnish, Filling compound, Plastic

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Coating Semi-open
Backing Foil
Filling compound
Automotive industry
Boat and shipbuilding
Furniture industry
Paint shops
Vehicle maintenance
Wood processing industry

Abrasive belt FP 73 W – with high quality abrasive performance for challenging tasks

The abrasive belt FP 73 W by Klingspor produces a remarkably consistent scratch pattern and delivers unrivalled abrasive performance even under the most demanding conditions. Exceptionally tear-resistant, this abrasive works well on a wide range of materials including

  • paint,
  • varnish,
  • materials patched up with fillers and
  • plastic.

The abrasive belt FP 73 W is available in a short belt and a long belt version. Among other areas, the premium abrasive belt FP 73 W is widely used in the automotive industry and in the auto repair business as well as for intermediate and finish sanding varnish, in the wood and furniture industry, in plastic mould construction, and in boat construction. These abrasive belts are also a popular choice among do-it-yourselfers, who appreciate their top-tier quality. Klingspor offers these products with an extensive selection of joints.

Abrasive belt FP 73 W – with a plethora of use options

Suitable for a wide range of different materials, the abrasive belt FP 73 W by Klingspor comes with a semi-open coating and a film backing. The bonding used is a fully synthetic resin of premium quality. Coated with an active agent, the material is recommended for a wide range of applications where surface finish is of paramount importance. Klingspor offers this belt in multiple grit sizes that vary with the requirements of the application at hand. The comprehensive range or available grit sizes makes this product a perfect fit for such varied tasks as work on paints and plastics.

Abrasive belt FP 73 W - with aluminium oxide for impeccable sanding results

Its tempered aluminium oxide grain makes the abrasive belt FP 73 W the tool of choice for users who require increased abrasive performance and a consistent finish. This belt also benefits from its exceptional flexibility and outstanding contouring capacity. Another benefit of this product is its added stearate coating. This coating minimises clogging, thus boosting service life.

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