GX 533 JF Belts with cloth backing for NF metals, Plastic, Metals, Titanium, Mineral-based materials

Bonding agent Resin
Grain SiC
Coating Close
Backing JF-blended cloth
NF metals
Mineral-based materials
Medical engineering

Abrasive belt GX 533 JF - is a flexible abrasive belt for a wide variety of applications and material types

Its outstanding properties makes this abrasive belt

  • highly flexible & tear-resistant,
  • flexible,
  • long-lasting and
  • dependable.

Its of special significance are its benefits when used on on materials such as brass, titanium, plastic and mineral materials.

Very hard silicon carbide grain for powerful abrasive performance

The abrasive belt GX 533 JF by Klingspor has a close coating offering exceptional abrasive performance. This abrasive belt demonstrates its true abilities when used for processing materials that are exceedingly hard. The grain is applied to a tear-resistant backing made of a JF-blended cloth. These properties enable it to stand up to the highest requirements and tremendous forces generated by sanding machines. The bonding used is fully synthetic resin. The GX 533 JF abrasive belt impresses with its long life and powerful performance. Its fields of application include machinery such as profile sanding machines, pedestal sanders and in robotic applications. Its outstanding flexibility makes the abrasive belt GX 533 JF ideal for work on contours and profiled workpieces in combination with contact rolls. It is equally suitable for use on slack of the belt sanders.

Abrasive belt GX 533 JF – for a wide range of applications

Available with an extensive selection of grit sizes, the abrasive belt GX 533 JF is a fine choice for a large variety of sanding applications - especially intermediate and finish sanding. To ensure suitability for a great many different sanders, Klingspor offers this abrasive as short belt and long belt versions. It is also widely used in the fields of engine and turbine manufacturing, aircraft construction and medical engineering. This abrasive belt is a superb choice for work on surgical instruments made of premium materials that are exceptionally hard and tough such as titanium. Its extraordinary performance when used for processing ceramic materials, plastic and brass has also made the abrasive belt GX 533 JF a go-to tool in the valves and fittings industry.

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