PS 20 F Wide belts with paper backing for Stainless steel, Metals, NF metals

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Coating Close
Backing F-paper
Stainless steel
NF metals
Stainless steel processing industry
Stainless steel service centre
Steel construction

A product for universal use – the Klingspor wide belt PS 20 F

The wide belt PS 20 F made by Klingspor is a universal product that performs exceptionally well when used for grinding

  • stainless steel,
  • metal and
  • NF metal.

Available in a large number of grit sizes, the product is an equally fine choice for rough and finish grinding. It is most widely used for surface grinding on stainless steel.

The abrasive grain – closely coated for maximum effectiveness

The Klingspor abrasive belt PS 20 F for processing metal is distinguished by its exceptional rate of metal removal. It even makes short and effective work of greater quantities, significantly reducing the time and, thus, the cost involved with completing the job. A high removal rate is guaranteed by the premium abrasive grain. It is composed of aluminium oxide applied with a close coating to ensure that there are only minimal spaces between the abrasive grains. The close coating is also responsible for the excellent service life of this abrasive. Lastly, the close coating has an impact on the grinding result as it reduces the force that is exerted on each individual grain. Consequently, the grain penetrates the metal less deeply, resulting in a finer surface finish.

The backing and the top coat – synthetic resin and robust F-weight paper

The backing used for Klingspor's wide belt PS 20 F is made of paper. This paper is grouped into categories ranging from A to G. The weight and sturdiness of the paper increases from A to G. The paper used for the PS 20 F is a class F paper, allowing it to stand up to loads of higher intensity. To ensure the abrasive grain remains firmly affixed to the backing, the top size coat is made of synthetic resin. It is used for all abrasives sold under the Klingspor brand as synthetic resin is stronger than natural glue bonds and offers a higher adhesive force as well.

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