HF 100 A Carbide burrs

Burr HF 100 A – tool for universal use in metalworking

The burr HF 100 A has a cylindrical shape, which makes it ideal for surface grinding on surfaces made of

  • cast iron,
  • construction steel,
  • highly heat-resistant materials, and
  • NF metal.

The burr HF 100 A is manufactured without an end cut.

Burr matched perfectly with the material

Optimum work results during milling hinge on a wide variety of parameters. This is why it is important to strike the right balance between the number and shape of the teeth and the concentricity, the angle of twist and the rake angle. Klingspor makes the burr HF 100 A available in different dimensions and with different types of serration named “Cuts” in an effort to provide tool characteristics that are ideal for any type of use The Universal cut, the so-called Cut 2, is the standard cut designed for general applications. It stands out with its good finishing characteristics. Carbide burrs equipped with the Cut 6 double cut ensure a high stock removal rate, keeping short chips from forming and preventing the burr from clogging prematurely, which results in fast stock removal. If a burr is equipped with the cylindrical Cut 3 “Aluminium”, it will perform particularly well on soft and long-chipping materials such as aluminium. The unique geometry of the serration prevents the burr from clogging prematurely.

Quality ensures durability and safety

Carbide burrs by Klingspor are made of only the finest materials. What is more, they are also subject to a strict regime of quality inspections. A 100% inspection is conducted to check all welded joints and the concentricity of the burrs, ensuring a long lifetime and, first and foremost, the safety of the product. Another important prerequisite for safety at work is compliance with the maximum speed specifications. The greater the head diameter of the burr, the lower the permissible spindle speed.

All prices exclude statutory value-added tax and are applicable to commercial customers only.