HF 100 set Carbide burrs

Burr set with double cut for a variety of applications

The 40 piece burr set by Klingspor comprises burrs that come in all common shapes and sizes. Arranged in an easy-to-recognise order in a lockable presentation box, each carbide burr is always within easy reach. Each burr set includes two carbide burrs with a

  • cylindrical shape and end cut, a
  • conical shape, a
  • pointed conical shape, and a
  • conical round nose.

Each of these shapes is also available in different sizes. The carbide burr set HF 100 is the ideal companion tool for work performed with a flexible shaft.

Carbide burr with double cut for universal use

The burrs included in this 40 piece burr set are equipped with a double cut, the so-called Cut 6. This cut is the mega seller among all the different types of cuts. The benefits of the double cut lie in its extensive use capabilities and its improved handling. Carbide burrs with a double cut are high performance tools that provide for particularly smooth operation. The fact that the burr operates with minimum vibrations has positive effects on both safety at work and the quality of the work results. The double cut is also distinguished by producing small chips. The burrs included in the presentation box offer a wide range of applications spanning from deburring and edge bevelling to the levelling of weld seams and surface treatment. Equally effortless is the processing of inner edges and work on small and hard-to-reach surfaces. The carbide burrs are tools that perform exceedingly well on various materials such as construction steel, cast iron, highly heat-resistant materials or NF metal.

Burr set for occupational safety and quality

A long service life and durability are paramount factors in the economical use of tools. Klingspor burrs deliver quality of the highest order and undergo a 100% inspection. This inspection includes a close examination of all welded joints on the carbide burrs that is designed to ensure durability, precision and safety. Another factor that contributes to exact work results is the low thermal load on the tool and the workpiece. This reliably prevents any deformation and inaccuracies. The need for time-consuming rework is reduced, increasing work efficiency. Meanwhile, the smooth operation of the double cut extends the life of the tool’s drive unit. All told, the burr set by Klingspor produces work results of professional quality.

All prices exclude statutory value-added tax and are applicable to commercial customers only.