DT 612 A Supra Large diamond cutting blades for Asphalt, Sandstone

Class Supra
Service life
Segmentation Wide gullet
Design Laser welded

DT 612 A Supra – the large diamond cutting blade for tough jobs

The large diamond cutting blade DT 612 A Supra by Klingspor is a product specially designed for asphalt. Engineered to master the toughest jobs, this cutting blade makes it a cinch to process a wide variety of construction materials. These include

  • asphalt and
  • sandstone.

Expansive range of applications for a multitude of devices

Grouped in Klingspor's Supra performance class, this product is suitable for daily use and offers an outstanding price-performance ratio. The 600 product line is equally appealing to professional craftsmen and private do-it-yourselfers. One benefit of the DT 612 A Supra is its compatibility with a wide variety of different devices. Whether paired with joint cutters or petrol powered cutters, the large diamond cutting blade by Klingspor is used for all sorts of applications. Specially engineered for use on asphalt, this blade cuts an exceptionally fine figure in road building and in construction above and below ground. Professionals and amateurs alike can depend on Klingspor's quality.

Exquisite Klingspor quality at a fair price

This high-quality large diamond cutting blade comes with protective segments, which provide for a long service life. Long years of research and development have contributed to Klingspor products that conform to the most stringent quality standards. The segmentation of the diamond grit with protective segments provides for extraordinary service life without compromising the least bit on quality. The cutting blade is available with diameters ranging from 300 to 500 mm and a 25.4 mm hole. Varying with its diameter, the blade is suitable for speeds of up to 6,400 revolutions per minute.

Safety certified according to European standards

All products made by Klingspor always meet the most recent safety and quality standards. All cutting blades are subject to the strict requirements set out in the oSa guidelines and the European safety standard EN 13236.

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