DT 612 UT Supra Large diamond cutting blades for Concrete, Cured concrete, reinforced, Construction materials

Suitable for wet and dry use 12 mm height of segments Laser welded
Class Supra
Segmentation Turbo
Design Laser welded
Service life
Cured concrete, reinforced
Construction materials
Building construction
Building yards
Construction businesses
Gardening and landscaping
Paving companies

Large diamond cutting blade DT 612 UT Supra

The Supra quality class offers users professional tools that deliver powerful and dependable performance in day-to-day use. The outstanding price/performance ratio of the DT 612 UT makes it an attractive option for construction above and below ground, for plumbers and electricians as well as for gardening and landscaping and builder's . The blade merges high aggressiveness with an excellent service life. It has been optimised for processing

  • construction materials,
  • concrete,
  • reinforced cured concrete, and
  • lime sandstone

with table saws, petrol saws and joint cutters. The 12 mm turbo segments allow for an extra fast cutting speed on hard materials.

Other quality features of the diamond cutting blade DT 612 UT Supra

The turbo segments provide for clean cutting edges and smooth operation. This turns the processing of construction materials into a much more pleasant experience for the user. Since manufacturing their diamond cutting blades themselves, Klingspor can guarantee that the steel core is perfectly matched with the turbo segments. This ensures that the blade will attain its full performance capacity during the corresponding application. Safety is of paramount importance during work with diamond cutting blades. This is why Klingspor subjects all cutting blades to regular tests that comply with the requirements of the oSa guidelines. Klingspor furthermore guarantees that their diamond cutting blades conform to European safety standard EN 13236.

Important information on the diamond cutting blades

A number of specifications on how to work with diamond cutting blades are displayed to the user on the front side of each blade. One eye-catching feature is the triangular label placed around the bore. Among other information, it includes a colour code. It indicates for which materials the cutting blade can be used. In this case, the colour code is white, indicating suitability for universal use. Located above the tip of the label is an arrow, which specifies the correct running direction of the diamond cutting blade. This information provides the user with orientation when mounting the blade on the machine. A coloured bar in the centre of the label contains such safety-related information as the maximum operating speed and the maximum permissible rotational speed.

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