DT 900 FL Special Large diamond cutting blades for Wall tiles, Floor tiles, Porcelain, Ceramics, Marble, Stoneware

Suitable for wet and dry use
Class Special
Segmentation Continuous rim, with laser-cut slots
Design Sintered
Service life
Wall tiles
Floor tiles
Floor tilers
Gardening and landscaping
Natural stone businesses

First-rate precision with the large diamond cutting blade DT 900 FL Special

The large diamond cutting blade DT 900 FL Special is a Klingspor product that offers the highest possible performance. This cutting blade manages to impress with an extensive field of applications. It can be used on such materials as

  • wall tiles,
  • floor tiles,
  • porcelain,
  • ceramic and
  • marble.

Even hard tiles and similarly resilient materials pose no challenge for this high-performance tool.

Expansive range of applications for professional use

Other stand-out features of this cutting blade - besides its wide range of applications on table saws - are its high aggressiveness and long service life. The products Klingspor makes available in the Special performance class are professional tools that combine excellent cutting performance with unrivalled durability. The large diamond cutting blade lives up to all requirements - even when used for the most challenging applications. In daily use the DT 900 FL Special distinguishes itself with exceptional dependability and consistently high quality.

Reliable and powerful – the DT 900 FL Special

The gullet of the DT 900 FL Special boasts a continuous rim with laser-cut slots. This rim ensures clean edges and allows for work with great precision even on such tough materials as hard tiles or marble. Specially designed for professional use by commercial tilers or drywall installers, the DT 900 FL Special is a prevalent tool at the construction site. The investments Klingspor has made in research and development for many years have now allowed the company to continuously launch innovative and powerful tools that benefit professionals and hobby craftsmen to an equal extent.

Certified quality for safe working

Klingspor place safety and worker protection at the front and centre of everything they do. All tools satisfy the most recent oSa guidelines as well as the safety standards issued by the EU. Printed in the middle of the cutting blade is all essential information necessary to use the tool properly. In addition, its coloured rim identifies the field of application for which the **large diamond cutting blade” can be used.

All prices exclude statutory value-added tax and are applicable to commercial customers only.