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Clean holes in a wide variety of materials with drills and drill bits made by Klingspor

The diamond drills and drill bits engineered by Klingspor are dependable tools designed for daily use. Klingspor has been operating on the market since 1893 and does their utmost every day to push the technology forward and engineer new products that excite their customers with their singular innovation and efficiency. This ambition is also evident in the diamond drill bits and tools that make up the drill bit set, which can also be found in the product selection. With these products, Klingspor serves the needs of both professional users in trade, industry, and construction and of motivated do-it-yourselfers.

An exhaustive range of applications is guaranteed

The products can be used to drill such materials as

  • Concrete
  • Stoneware
  • Stove tiles, glazed

The Klingspor diamond and dry drill bits, drills and their convenient sets are an ideal choice for tilers, stonecutters and roofers and are also used in road building and in construction above and below ground.

They are primarily used in combination with drill stands, percussion drills and drilling machines as well as with angle grinders. They can therefore be matched with all standard tools. For those who need to drill with maximum precision Klingspor offers a handy hole starting aid.

Producing excellent results with drill bits made by Klingspor

Replacement segments - whether as individual segments or as ring segments - are just as much part of Klingspor’s product range as drill bits with different diameters. Focussing on variety, Klingspor provides every user with the tools that let them complete their tasks with the best possible results. Klingspor’s drills and drill bits eliminate issues that are typical of certain work steps, such as cracking or bursting of the workpiece or bouncing of the tool. Smooth bore holes can be realised in a quick and reliable manner. In practical use, this feature offers distinct benefits and speeds up the work processes.

Diamond drill bits by Klingspor

Diamond drills are set apart by their high aggressiveness and long service life. Klingspor offers these drills as individual items or as part of a convenient set, making sure that the user always has all important sizes within easy reach. As an added benefit, the price-performance ratio is right as well. Klingspor ships their high-quality diamond and dry drill bits in a sturdy aluminium case. The drills are safely protected against any bumps and blows during transport.