T 24 AX Special Kronenflex® large cutting-off wheels for Steel

Class Special
Bonding agent Synthetic resin, fibre-reinforced
Grain Aluminium oxide
Service life
Railway construction

Kronenflex large cutting-off wheel T 24 AX Special for steel

The Kronenflex large cutting-off wheel T 24 AX Special has been designed specifically for challenging cutting jobs on steel. This product has been engineered for rail cutting in combination with petrol driven saws / cutters with clamping device. It is suitable for universal use on all types of rails and stands out with is ultra fast cutting performance. The product is characterised by

  • exceptionally high aggressiveness as well as
  • outstanding service life and
  • hardness,

making it an excellent choice for professional applications. This quality is made possible by the use of a hardened special aluminium oxide. The cutting speed of the cutter must not exceed 100 m/s.

Special product in a multitude of models

Klingspor offers this high-performance cutting-off wheel in a selection of diameters to ensure compatibility with all types of machine. The maximum permissible spindle speed depends on the diameter of the cutting-off wheel. To achieve the best possible results, users need to observe the maximum speed specification. This speed must not be exceeded for safety reasons. Another relevant factor is the proper tool pressure. No excessive force is required, the weight of the machine is enough. Of particular importance is the movement of the wheel to and fro when dealing with larger material cross sections.

Ready to handle any job with cutting-off wheels of the Special class

The products Klingspor makes available in their Special quality class are powerful enough to handle even specialised tasks. Each of these products is perfectly adapted to its particular application and delivers unparalleled cutting performance. Klingspor uses only the finest raw materials for the manufacture of these products. The grain is made synthetically to provide for uniform quality. What is more, the stability of the wheel plus its cutting performance and burst resistance are regulated perfectly and matched with each individual application, e.g. rail cutting.

All prices exclude statutory value-added tax and are applicable to commercial customers only.