A 24 R/01 Special Kronenflex® grinding discs for Steel

Class Special
Bonding agent Synthetic resin, fibre-reinforced
Grain Aluminium oxide
Service life
Stainless steel
Oil and gas industry
Pipeline construction

Kronenflex grinding discs A 24 R/01 Special for steel

The Kronenflex grinding discs A 24 R/01 Special have been designed for work on

  • steel and
  • stainless steel.

The benefits of the products include its high aggressiveness during all types of grinding applications and its long service life. The wheels grouped in the Special performance class are suited for a whole host of real-world applications. Chief among these are the grinding of weld seams including repairs of weld seams and work on root welds as well as use in pipeline and tank construction. Klingspor makes the Kronenflex grinding discs A 24 R/01 Special available in different diameters, thus offering models for all types of applications. The shape of the wheels comes with a depressed centre.

A high removal rate for challenging tasks

Their consistently high aggressiveness and maximum removal rate are the pre-eminent strengths of the Kronenflex grinding discs A 24 R/01 Special. Klingspor attaches prime importance to an optimal ratio of removal rate to service life – across the entire lifetime of the disc. This is why these tried-and-tested grinding discs made by Klingspor are held in high regard by professional users.

Proven safety in day-to-day use

Safety is an aspect of paramount importance during the manufacture of abrasive, cutting-off wheels and grinding discs such as the Kronenflex grinding discs A 24 R/01 Special. Thanks to exhaustive testing as required by oSa guideline users can rest assured that their Klingspor products offer them maximum safety. Compliance with the requirements set out in the EN 12413 is guaranteed as well. Another key factor contributing to safety is the exclusive use of premium raw materials. First-rate grains, synthetic resin bonds and reinforcing cloths bolster the stability of the discs and give them the durability they need to hold up even under the highest loads.

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