NCW 600 S Satin finishing drums for Stainless steel, Metals

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Stainless steel

NCW 600 S – satin finishing drum for stainless steel and metal

Aggressive and gentle at the same time – the defining characteristic of the Klingspor's NCW 600 S satin finishing drum. Designed for creating a satin finish on metal surfaces, this special tool is ideal for work on

  • stainless steel,
  • metal, and
  • plastic.

This top quality satin finishing drum is distinguished by its extreme durability. Throughout its lifetime the tool is guaranteed to combine a high levels of abrasion with an exceptionally fine finish.

Hard on steel and gentle to the surface

Satin finishing is a process that produces an even finer finish than can be achieved by standard grinding processes. The outcome is a matt-shiny or matt surface that displays ultra-fine structures, so-called satin finish lines. This aesthetic effect truly shows its merits in cabinetry and interior design applications. When used in these fields of application, the satin finishing drum stands out with a combination of exceptional surface refinement and effective stock removal. Excelling on stainless steel in particular, the satin finishing drum also proves to be remarkably effective on other materials including plastic and produces a highly appealing finish.

Non-woven and cloth flaps - blended to perfection

The NCW 600 S is manufactured by combining non-woven and cloth flaps in a radial arrangement that is bonded to a synthetic resin core. The abrasive grain used for this product is aluminium oxide. The unique design of the satin finishing drum ensures that the user can always work with fresh grit. This high-quality product is set apart by its long service life, its exceptional wear characteristics and the outstanding cost effectiveness arising from these characteristics.

Pick the right speed to produce the best results

When the NCW 600 S is used at the perfect operating speed of 19m/s, the generated centrifugal force causes the flaps to stand upright. They will only bend to a negligible degree even under a higher tool pressure. Achieving the perfect result hinges on the optimum ratio between the speed of the satin finishing machine and the diameter of the satin finishing drum. With fixed speed, a suitable mop wheel size can be selected, which is produced by Klingspor in different diameters. For variable speed machine, the speed can be adjusted to suit the drum diameter.

A tool that will never let you down

To guarantee quality and dependability, Klingspor designed the NCW 600 S satin finishing drum in accordance with the stringent requirements set out in both the oSa guidelines and, of course, European standard EN 13743.

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