NRO 500 Non-woven web rolls with quantity unit piece for Stainless steel, Plastic, Paint, Varnish, Filling compound

Bonding agent Resin
Grain SiC
Stainless steel
Filling compound
Metal construction
Railing construction
Wood processing industry

NRO 500 - the ideal non-woven web roll for blending, finishing and light deburring

The NRO 500 non-woven web roll is used to finish the surfaces of workpieces with the desired structure. The nylon web is coated with silicone carbide grain. The bonding agent used is synthetic resin. This type of bonding creates a soft abrasive medium of exceptional flexibility. The product is a perfect match with all common sanding procedures including

  • dry sanding and
  • sanding with water, as well as sanding
  • with a mild cleaning agent,
  • with fluid and
  • with oil.

Abrasives with a non-woven web backing are used to remove burrs from metals such as stainless steel and reduce the scratch depths on wood and plastic. The product excels at creating a uniformed surface finish.

Offering a wide range of possible applications

The non-woven web roll NRO 500 has proven its worth across a wide range of uses: cleaning, surface levelling, blending and roughening, the removal of annealing colours from metals, finishing, denibbing wood and fine sanding. One key advantage of the non-woven web is that it will not become clogged with dust. When sanding with ordinary abrasive paper, the user may experience that the abrasive clogs up with the dust of the workpiece. This may result in a reduction of abrasive performance.

For manual or mechanical grinding

Using the product for sanding by hand is recommended especially for work on indentations, complex geometries, grates and moulds. When used for work on domed or curved surfaces and on profiles, the non-woven web roll NRO 500 can be affixed to special sanding gloves by means of a hook and loop fastener. When working on flat surfaces, finishing or cleaning, the user can also use this abrasive in combination with a machine. This cuts down processing time significantly. When used on an orbital sander, the abrasive will give the workpiece a uniform structure.

The non-woven web roll NRO 500 by Klingspor is available from medium to ultra fine.

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