CS 396 Y Self-fastening support

Klingspor self fastening roll CS 396 Y - replacement self-fastening backing for backing plates.

The self fastening roll CS 396 Y comes with a hook and loop replacement backing and adhesive. This backing is composed of a heavy polymer with extraordinary strength. Characterised by an ultra-hard backing, this abrasive roll is an exceptional choice for backing pad re furbishment.

All-purpose consumable for your machinery pool

A perfect fit for orbital sanders or random orbital sanders, these self fastening replacement sheets are available as rectangular, square, round or triangular versions. The geometries come in different sizes, as every manufacturer uses their own attachments that are affixed with the self-fastening backing. The abrasive roll CS 396 Y can easily be cut to fit machinery for which the standard replacements are no longer available.

Custom cuts for material use with perfect efficiency hook and loop replacement backing that would fit custom-made machinery

The replacement self fastening roll CS 396 Y makes it possible to reap the benefits of this technology for universal use. If the required size and shape of the abrasive sheets are known, calculating the optimum roll size for the CS 396 Y abrasive roll is quick and easy. This ability allows for the best possible use of the available material and eliminates any unnecessary waste. Following the removal of the protective film, the custom-cut replacement backing of the CS 396 Y abrasive roll is applied to a level surface to ensure that it remains in place permanently and securely. The product makes it a cinch to make sanding blocks with custom dimensions that fit the job at hand perfectly.

Durable cloth-reinforced backing for demanding requirements

The exceptionally robust cloth-reinforced backing of the CS 396 Y hook and loop roll has been engineered to satisfy the highest standards and to offer the greatest possible customisation.

All prices exclude statutory value-added tax and are applicable to commercial customers only.